Cashflow Modelling

Helping your clients visualise their financial future. 

Value To Your Business

We are able to deliver bespoke cashflow models for you to use with your clients. Once we have been engaged, we will work with you to understand what your client wants to achieve and what your plans are to get them there. We will talk you through each of the stages and, once complete, help you understand the models and how to articulate them to your clients.

Key benefits of cashflow modelling:
  • Better engagement through effective illustration 
  • Ability to test ideas before discussing them with clients
  • Determines the investment return to meet long term objectives
  • A route map that can be revisited at each annual client review
  • Increased value to client, strengthens the relationship
  • Solidifies that planning is at the heart of your advice

"Clarity through illustration"

We will show you how to demonstrate a myriad of possibilities to your client such as: early retirement, divorce and injury settlements, business sale values, IHT planning or just having as much fun as possible while they still can – the options really are innumerable.

A client that embraces and owns their plan will actively want to revisit it every year and often at key points in their life that fall in between – who wouldn’t want a cashflow model?  

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Cashflow Planning Scenarios

John Whitehead is our cashflow specialist with a wealth of experience to his name. He will build your cashflow and talk you through it, ensuring you are well prepared when discussing it with clients and run a number of scenarios to show the impact of different options - from here, you can choose "the best plan"

The accuracy and therefore value of any cashflow modelling is contingent on the level of detail provided. As a general rule, we will require a completed CFR and a summary of plans or scenarios you would like to use for the client.

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