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Be your own boss

Being your own boss is a liberating feeling. You can choose what work you like to do and who you prefer to work with. However, it's not all plain sailing and becoming part of a community or network is great way to stay motivated through the challenging times.

Work remotely

Technology means we now live in a paperless financial services world. In comparison to being fixed to an office desk 5 days a week, being a freelance paraplanner means you can avoid the commute and choose your own desk anywhere in the world.

Flexible hours

In contrast to working 9-5 in an office, one of the luxuries which comes with being freelance is the ability to choose the working hours which suits your routine.

Seamless communication

Our Case Dashboard is an online portal where we can communicate and exchange files securely with advisory firms and paraplanners.


Our suite of suitability templates, plan summaries and support literature are available for network members to use when working on new cases. We also provide a monthly roundup of industry topics which paraplanners need to be aware of.

Increased workflow

We have a large network of financial services businesses who are always on the look for talent on various projects and network members will be our first point of call when passing on opportunities.


One of our key aims to build a community of freelance paraplanners who can support each other with industry topics and connect with like minded individuals. We have a closed group for network members to share, learn, and grow together.

Holiday cover

If you would like to enjoy your holiday time without having to worry about the work piling up or unanswered queries whilst you are away, we can connect you with fellow paraplanners who can provide holiday cover and maybe you can return the favor!


Paraplanning provides a range of opportunities to support financial advisers outside of writing their suitability reports. True paraplanning is building the recommendation on behalf of the adviser and this comes with experience and trust building with the adviser.

Network requirements

Prerequisites for new members
Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning or above
At least 5 years experience in the financial services industry

Network membership

All of the above benefits are included
12 month membership
Free to join
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Phil has been working freelance for 2 years and wants to diversify his adviser base and skill set. Since joining the network he has increased workflow by an additional 5 cases per month and had exposure to SSAS cases. We connected Phil to a SSAS provider who provided him will full training and this is now an area he understands and can confidently write about.

Meet PhilNeeds to diversify

Sarah has enjoyed the flexibility of being a freelance paraplanner over the last 4 years. However, her workflow ranges from quiet to overwhelming and at times Sarah feels isolated working from home and would like to be apart of something bigger and know she has support when needed.

The 1to1 Paraplanning Network has given Sarah a community of fellow freelancers to discuss industry topics with and support her with the odd case when there is a hectic workflow. The best bit was Sarah enjoyed 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic with holiday cover from a fellow freelance paraplanner.

Meet SarahNeeds support

From home

I work best

Coffee spot

 I work best from my


I work best when

Share, learn, grow.

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